a Gt Gt Grandmother lived in Crispin Street, London

'A life in motion'
Born in Bethnal Green, London in 1892 the second eldest son of Benjamin and Rose NUNES MARTINEZ, Felix travelled the world as a Sailor, Soldier, Cook & Grill Room Chef

Whipp Family History

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After many years of research, we are able to present an extensive journey into our family roots.
It covers Sergeant Major James Orr, the Whipp and Rhodes families of England with relatives in the USA
and Canada, the East End of London Jewish Roots, and the Mills,Young & Whipp, families from
The Vale of the White Horse, Oxfordshire.
Also links to pages on Dance Champion Timmy Palmer and the life and times of
World Bantamweight Boxing Champion Thomas 'Pedlar' Palmer.

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Jewish Roots  covers Morocco, Spain, Holland and London England.  Among many surnames to be found are Betan, Bittan, Hart, Hyams, Isaacs, Levy, Martin, Mendoza, Nunes-Martinez, Rees.


Whipp & Rhodes Families
Includes the names  Amos, Ford, Foorde, Grossmith, Hall, Janes, Marchant, Johnston, Kenny, Orr, Palmer, Pike, Randall, Cymbalist (Simblist) Young, Wiseman.


A Gt Gt Grandfather James Orr was a Sergeant Major in the 47th Regiment of Foot. His son James (below) became a Sergeant in the same Regiment. Click on the 1863 photo of James for the Orr family details.

photo courtesy of Musee McCord






   The Life Yoyage of my

    Thomas Whipp was a father of
  14 children and 37 grandchildren
   who tried looking for a better life.
His journey took him from the small  Oxfordshire village of Clanfield to Wales, England and the USA.





Links to Relatives last Resting Place

Rebecca Palmer (nee Hall)
Thomas (Pedlar) Palmer
William Pike
Rosa Smith (nee Rees)



 Mills,Young & Whipp Families
Includes the families of Sarah Whipp born in 1796 and living around Clanfield Oxfordshire. It includes Faringdon which at the time was in Berkshire.

Timmy Palmer - World Professional Dance Champion


Thomas 'Pedlar' Palmer World Bantamweight Boxing Champion










A Gt Grandmother Rose Rees married Charles Hall





      Christopher Whipp
        Memorial Page


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