In Memory of
Christopher Vernon Joseph

Hari Krishna


20th August 1967
- 27th March 2007

First posted 31sth March 2008  (Revised  August 2021)                                                                            

...And in the end - the Love you take is equal to the Love you make'


Happy Birthday our beloved Son Christopher today 20th August 2021
You are in our thoughts every day.

All our love and hugs from Mum, Dad, Samantha, Keith Hughie and Erin

We have this photograph below on our mantle piece of our son Christopher with Joe Strummer taken in 1989. He had gone to the book signing in Brighton with his friend Kevin hoping to get the autograph of his idol.

Chris was nervous at meeting Joe and Kevin encouraged him to ask for the autograph, especially from a hero of his. Joe was only to pleased to sign the LP cover. This first step was to lead to many more from his music hero's.


This was history in the making as he would go on to follow his music idols all over the country. He would get their autographs at stage doors, or at the pre concert sound checks.

How  poignant that Joe and Christopher should die so young.
In remembering our dear son Chris, who we love today and always, its 14 years since his passing.
Missing him more each day. It does not get easier with time.
Thinking of him always and missing the fun and the laughter we all had together.
Forever with us, He is  forever young.

Your ever loving Mum & Dad and sister Sam and family. xxx

  Chris never ceased to amaze us. He had a collection of poetry by Keats and others and many books including 'Ulysses' by James Joyce and 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac. His interests were wide and diverse.

His love of Krishna and all things spiritual is an inspirational to us all.

We take comfort in the precious memories that stay strong in our hearts. Chris was full of life and full of love.
We give thanks for his smile, laughter and warm hugs, his passion and generous spirit. 

 The Memorial Headstone for Chris is in place at his last resting place in plot 152 in section 17 of Hove (North) Cemetery.
(Click here to see map
  Chris loved making music and over the years recorded songs with 'Fuse' and 'Wave Length'.

At the beginning of 2007 Chris recorded 'You Came to Me' playing all the instruments himself.

If you have a music player click one of the selections below.

They  will take only a short time to load - make sure your volume is turned up!


1. You came to me

2. As it Was (Light hearted improvisation of 'You came to me')

3.Who knows where the time goes ( Sandy Denny - Fairport Convention)


Chris remembered starting at the age of 22 with Joe Strummer.  For larger photo's - click on thumbnail



Under the Willow tree at Shoreham

Sister Sam's wedding

With sister Sam's family and aunt Sylvia

With cousin Daniel

With Max

With cousin Lucie in Miami

Brighton Krishna festival

With Neil Innes

New York

At the Tran family home

'Who' concert at Brighton

India 2004

With mum

With a 'Bonzo'

Boys night out!

With George Melly

With cousin Maria

With James & Maria at Shoreham

Night out with family & friend

At Shoreham

With sister Sam

With Warwick

The last photo with dad at Brighton Marina







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